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Navigate the media and get truly global insight where current affairs meet health, development, planet, human rights, and more—created and curated by Anita Makri.

How the world works could do with an upgrade, and we now know this better than ever. Emerging diseases, climate change, misinformation, humanitarian crises, new technologies—just some of the trends intimately linked to our lives on this planet.

They're all connected. But most media coverage happens in sections, where politics and economics sit apart from social debates, culture or scientific knowledge. Even the science comes in separate compartments—natural, social, political. And mainstream narratives tend to be dominated by the West, aka the Global North, leaving views and ingenuity from a huge part of the world out of the frame.

It takes more than one angle to get a global view—that's why I created this space, drawing from more than 20 years of experience across sectors and parts of the world.

Here you'll find words, ideas and images through original and curated journalism, from both North and South, about pressing problems for humanity that intersect with everyday life. Major developments, analysis and potential solutions worth your time.

If you're looking for opportunities to develop capacity in journalism and communication about these issues, you'll find that too.

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A treasure trove of opportunities from around the world to support development of communication skills and media projects: leads to pitch or fund an idea, get an award, train in journalism or tell your story whether or not you already work in the sector. Plus reflections and inside knowledge on the media from myself or others in the field.

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Who I am

A writer, editor and producer specialising where global development meets science. That may sound niche, but in reality it touches a whole range of issues from health, environment and food to indigenous knowledge and misinformation.

I've reported from and about diverse parts of the world—from the Andes to Delhi and several places between—with work appearing in publications such as the Guardian, The Lancet, National Geographic, Nature and Undark magazine.

I serve on the advisory board of Global Health Film and teach reporting on development in science communication at the University of Cambridge Institute for Continuing Education.

Previously I was editor and consultant for SciDev.Net’s global edition, heading the op-ed section and managing special projects for in-depth coverage while working with a range of contributors, including high-profile figures and local journalists.

Overall my experience spans two decades across media, publishing and think tanks, after starting off in risk analysis for environmental health. I’ve served as a mentor with the New York Academy of Sciences and on the boards of the European Federation for Science Journalism and the Association of British Science Writers. In 2018 I was Visiting Journalist at the Rockefeller Foundation's Bellagio Center residency on science for development.​

There's more about me and my portfolio here.

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What readers say

“Anita Makri has developed an incredible body of expertly curated material; absorbing, enlightening and refreshing—and very quickly became a go-to resource for Global Health Film” — Gerri McHugh, Founder and Director, Global Health Film

“I’ve shared lots of articles with programme and project design teams working across my organisation. Pieces you signposted me towards have flavoured panel discussions and articles that I’ve written.” — Sam Viney, Communications and Outreach Manager, Chemonics International

“I read your newsletter every time…I find myself looking forward to it!” — Eleni Petrakou, physicist and freelancer

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I’d love to hear from you as WorldWise evolves—for any feedback, ideas about what you'd like to see in this space or anything else, feel fee to drop me a note.

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